Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Lie Said Senator Joe Wilson

This is such a bad subject but we as people have to learn to earn respect in order to receive it. We all have made our mistakes but one thing to actually call out the President of United States. And really make a statement like this is total disrespect. In my life of living all these years. I have never seen our nation so angry with a President. I can not imagine the stress he has to deal with after all of the protesting and people making negative statements. Its been posted on every website well we have to really as people look into this Health Care Reform seems like anything our President introduces they bash him never seen people do this to President Bush, I guess we have to know our place and he has not done nothing to stand against these accusations. This makes we wonder if he is really in the wrong or in a state of mind were he is just saying I really don't care does not make much sense if you ask me.